LV Croissant MM

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  1. So after all the drama of getting the Batignolles, I am not sure I like it all that much. I am thinking of exchanging it for the Croissant. Anyone out there have this bag?
  2. Any chance that it will grow on you? I really like not love though the Batignolle. It's a good roomy shape though and at a great price.
  3. I used to have the Corissant MM but then I sold it to a friend. I still have the Croissant pochette too. Looove the shape and it sits real comfortably on your shoulder. It held my everday basics that I carry around on a routine basis w/ ease. I got a lot of compliments on it but I just grew out of it if that makes any sense. I get bored with my bags easily and just switched. My friend is still in love w/ it though!:P
  4. I like the shape, my sister actualy has this bag. The shape is unique and it seems to stay on her shoulder good, and i have seen her put a ton of stuff in it. I think it looks great on her too. I would go for it!
  5. And you don't see alot of people have such a bag, which is GOOD!
  6. I am thinking about it. I got a Gucci for Christmas so I am thinking I really do not need a new bag, but I know that if I do not buy it when I have the cash, when I want it I will not have the cash. Plus I am currently feeling like I need a vacation. Just can't decided between Mexico and Hawaii.
  7. I think it was the right choice to switch to the Croissant.
  8. WOW ~ this is a 2 and half year old thread!
  9. Hawaii!! oh i wish i could stay in Maui forever...
  10. LoL its funny how so many old threads are resurfacing..
  11. Hi I've just decided to get a Croissant MM, I just want to get opinions on it, like how much room or how big the interior is or just general information really... I love it even though there seems to be a number of people who don't like it..
  12. This bag is now discontinued.. so it might be tougher to get your hands on it at a store. :sad:
  13. The Croissant has a nice shape but it doesn't impress me much. It isn't very common, which is one pro. If you really like it, go for it. :smile:
  14. thanks ladies, I'm getting it from a friend and i went for it :smile:
  15. I have a Croissant MM it is to small for my needs.