LV Croisette or Gucci Soho Disco

LV Croisette or Gucci Soho Disco

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May 10, 2014
I’ve come to realize I prefer crossbody bags for regular days out though those are far and few between lately. I’m currently debating between the LV croisette and the Gucci soho disco bag. I’ve thought about the disco bag for years but never bought it because something else would catch my eye. My concern with the croisette is how the metal lock will look in a couple of years - tarnished, scratches etc. Which one would you recommend and why? I plan on keeping this bag for a while and wouldnt want it to look dated in a few years. I’m also going to post this in the Gucci forum so feel free to ignore if you replied there ☺

I currently have a couple of Chanel rectangle minis, a Chanel WOC, an old LV pochette accessories which I use with a long strap and my trusty leather Longchamp Le Pliage crossbody. I know I can count on you guys to help me decide 19447103-EB79-4DE5-A31E-F52380041C16.jpeg CF4B0C4F-B5B3-491F-8440-80D1868C21DF.jpeg
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Sep 3, 2019
Gucci Soho— classic and casual design, can hold essentials, value for your $ because it is all leather and price point less than the croisette. Strap is very comfy to use for travel and errands. It is also adjustable. The cons I saw is how the leather becomes distorted/lopsided after several years. It is a very malleable bag so need to stuff it with air paper when storing it.

Croisette- A little more formal design due to the handle and S-locK, but still can use on casual days w jeans or shorts. I can fit my mini pochette, iPhone 10, 6 key holder, key cles as my wallet, AirPods and a battery pack and it still keeps its shape. With the Soho, I noticed the zipper will kinda get wonky when I put more items inside. Strap is not adjustable, and since I am a shorty, I have to use my speedy b DE’s strap so it will fall comfortably on my body. S-lock can get scratches over time. Also need to mention that it is easier to snap close the croisette if it is packed. Price point is more expensive than the Gucci Soho.

overall, these are great purses. I suggest watching reviews from YouTube to get a better overview on the pros and cons, including the wear and tear of both bags. Good luck!!
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Jun 18, 2010
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Both are great choices but in this case I would choose the Disco (or even a Marmont small camera bag, if you want something a little dressier/spacier in a similar price range).

As much as I love LV, I think the Disco is priced way better and is very versatile and cute.

Edit: I own the Disco in red and agree that you should 100% stuff it when not in use so it retains its shape.


Oct 29, 2009
I have both and love them. You can't go wrong with either one. They are two different styles. The Disco holds a ton vs the Croisette. Good luck!
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Jan 28, 2009
If choosing between these two bags, I’d personally opt for the Croisette. It’s a beautiful bag which looks great with jeans, but also works when dressed up a bit.

When I purchased my camera bag last year, I looked into the Disco, and was not a fan of the construction or the quality. (JMO) Not sure if it’s the style you’re looking for, but I ended up going with the YSL Lou camera bag, and I love it.



Apr 13, 2015
Bay Area, Ca.
I have the croisette and I love it, I also debated between the soho and other cross body bags but ultimately went with the croisette. The Soho zipper was useless if you put a heavy wallet or even your phone in, it would be hard to zip and unzip. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way, Gucci does not stand behind their products and will not repair items like LV does.


Mar 26, 2015
The Croisette holds much less but will last you longer and has multiple ways to wear it. It can be casual or formal. The Disco holds a lot but is just casual and gets saggy fast because of its soft leather and burlap-like lining. I've had both and really prefer the Croisette for the structure. Not sure what leads you to believe the lock will tarnish? - the bag has been out for years and I've yet to see that on any.