LV Croc Bag...price upon request!

  1. It sure is gorgeous! I think a guy or gal could rock this one equally. Of course the "price upon request" means I won't be rockin' it anytime soon! (From page 190 of Elle)
  2. I woudnt even know it was LV if it didnt have the LV in the side corner. Looks more Prada to me.
  3. wow that elle sure has a lot of lv in it!
  4. And Scarlett on the cover to boot!
  5. I'm actually not really a fan. I feel like the bag is too big and square to be covered in exotics.
  6. I don't really like the shape, but the leather looks lovely. A croc speedy would be nice.
  7. it's $19,500 and gorgeous:drool:

    one day LMM one day:smile:...
  8. And, LMM, I can't think of anyone more deserving of this bag than you! One day is right!
  9. I don't like it! The shape is off.
  10. awwwz thanx yes one day!:flowers:

    ok maybe next year:graucho:
  11. wow... before I clicked on this thread, I thought that you had it!
  12. I love it! Just like the bequia pdvs :drool:
  13. it does look like Prada...:shrugs:
  14. I saw that the other night when I flipped through my mag... GORGEOUS!
  15. Gorgeous, but count me out! LOL!