LV credit- trying to find true love

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  1. So a couple weeks ago I returned my Mellie due to issues with the corners. I now have a credit and am having a horrible time trying to find a bag I love.

    Here is what I am considering, of course they are SO different. Phenix MM-I love the mono black combo.

    Are there any owners that would chime in? Worried about the weight of the bag.

    The other is the Bagatelle in noir. I really like the bag but I am having a hard time justifying the additional cost.

    My other bags are NM pochette with crossbody strap/ DE NF/ Sully MM/delightful MM in mono.

    TIA for your comments -
  2. Alma BB? It's a favorite of mine.
  3. I think too small for my everyday bag. Thanks for your input
  4. LV leather is gorgeous! Go for the Bagatelle before it's gone (it's discontinued). It's a beautiful bag!
  5. I got store credits from my empreinte speedy. I had a hard time deciding what to use for my credits. Like you said no true love. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    I ended up got 2 mini backpacks. One for my friend and one for me.

    I was looking for canvas casual bag only. I much prefer LV canvas rather than empreinte.
    I had terrible experience from empreinte speedy.
    If no true love you can consider a few slgs or wait for some LE slgs coming year end.

    Don't rush to use up your credits.. I believe you have 1 year to decide.
  6. I don't own either of those bags. I am a huge leather fan, so I drooled when I read the Bagatelle. But the Phenix looks like a cool bag too. If you like the Phenix bag, get it.
  7. Have you looked at the duomo? It's very similar to the mellie minus the side pockets. I think the bagatelle is a beautiful bag. If you have the funds I'd go for it!
  8. I have the Phenix mm in noir. Love it..not too heavy and I do keep mine very is not a bag I would use for running and going because you have to treat it more carefully than a totally or neverfull. I find that those bags I can just throw in the back seat and forget about it. The Phenix is a more ladylike grownup bag demanding respect...does that make sense? So I use it at business lunches or board meetings...going to appointments etc. hope this helps you
  9. Hmmm, wasn't aware they were discontinuing this bag. Food for thought.
  10. I am always looking for that elusive bag that I can carry to work ( I do have a job where I cannot dress casually) and carry on the weekends wearing jeans/shorts etc.

    What issues did you have with the empreinte leather?
  11. I did look at the Duomo since I love a hobo bag. I live in MN so the DE canvas is tempting. My NF DE is my bad weather go to bag. It may be nice to have another option.
  12. It does. Do you carry your Phenix when wearing jeans or do you feel like it is too dressy? I dress up all week and I like to dress pretty casual on the weekends. I am a jeans/t-shirt gal at heart!
  13. Absolutely wear with long as you are comfortable then anything goes...whatever works for you. I did purchase a bag organizer for the Phenix so that the interior always stay clean without markings from pens, coins, lipstick etc which has helped.
  14. Of the choices you listed, I'd choose Phenix Noir
  15. The bagatelle is being discontinued?? Is this confirmed? NOOOOOOOOOOO :doh::doh::doh: