LV Craze - FIRST TIME REVEAL!!! What I got after an appointment??

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  1. Hi everyone!:heart:

    Yes, this is LV Craze's first review ever!! I hope it will be fun but apologize if it is not:P

    It has been a really longgggg wait, my wish has finally been fullfilled:yahoo:I thought I had to wait until September!! (the official release date in Australia)

    I got a call from my lovely SA in Melbourne last Tuesday as she would like to offer me to have a look at the Damier Graphite collection. I was so happy and rush to clear my schedule to make a quick flight to Melbourne (I live in Tassie, where there is no LV botique!:crybaby:) and yes yesterday I did it!...I spent only 1 hour in Melbourne and need to fly back to Hobart coz I got my business meeting in the evening....yes it sound really crazy and tired but it was a great experience:tup::smile:

    I guess I have talked tooo much...hehe...I guess its time for a reveal.:heart:

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  2. OK....I'm waiting for the reveal!
  3. :woohoo:SHOW SHOW!
  4. Reveal please!! Can't wait to see what you got :smile:
  5. Show, show, show...
  6. Where'd she go?
  7. Waiting to see...:shrugs:
  8. Now that's called a real trip to the
  9. :woohoo: Congrats on your new purchases...........
    pics plz.............. lol
  10. hellllllooooooo? pics?
  11. pics please!!!!:popcorn::rochard:
  12. open open open!
  13. Wow! This must be something good to fly to the store for! :nuts:
  14. Thank you all for your messages!:heart:
    Reveal is coming and coming!:P

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  15. Hey Graphite!
    Yes it was...i saw your graphite nearly a month ago and i just could not resist to fly there to have mine!