LV Craftmanship Demonstration. what issit about?

  1. i received a postcard last sunday about the event. it says that this is the 1st time such demo is held here in Kuala Lumpur. their own artisan from france is flying down to demonstrate.i really hav no idea what this thing is about. have anyone ever been to this kinda event?? what issit about? issit worth going? i mean, of course it is :p and since i love LV for its history it will be great if i can make it...hope anyone can share their experience if ever they've seen this demo. thanx!!~
  2. wow, tell us all about it after you've been.
  3. interesting...wondering if they are doing this event anywhere else...I would love to go.
  4. WOW !!!!! Sounds like a FIRST for LV, I always thought their "craft" was guarded like some big secret....dont forget to bring your 007 spy camera and share with us !!!!
  5. Yes, please go and report back for us.:yes:
  6. Sounds good, go to it and we want reports!
  7. i'll surely will!!so anybody out there has ever been to this event?
  8. Never been...but it sounds like something that Hermes did once before...

    Hermes has events where they print the scarves infront of you and the artist is there, Im guessing that...this must be kind of like that...its a demonstration of how the products are made, etc.

    Sounds awesome!!!!!! I wish they held one here....plz report every detail back to us!!!!!!
  9. Oh my! I would love to go to something like that. I think the craftsmanship is really what makes the bag. I LV pieces that are handcrafted. Heck, great bags in general that are handcrafted but since I do have a fondness for LV, this would be extra special.
  10. That's really cool, i think you should go!! I presume it will be held in the opening soon KLCC store, am i right? Don't forget to take some pictures :yes:
  11. wow this demo sounds amazing! KLCC is so cool :biggrin:
  12. erm, no. it is soo weird since the KLCC store is opening this friday whilst the evnt is held in starhill on saturday & sunday. it's like they both are battling for customers. haha.
  13. sounds super interesting!! have fun there and please tell us all about it!!
  14. That's a first! You got me curious...:rolleyes:
  15. how exciting! have fun and let us know how it went