LV CP went to the hospital!

  1. So sad!
    My Cabas Piano was taken to the hospital last week.
    They're going to fix up the shoulder straps, reglaze them, and send her back to me.
    She'll be gone for 6-8 weeks and I miss her already!
    Thankfully, the Bourdeaux '05 Twiggy is here to keep me company while CP's away!

    Please everyone wish her a speedy recovery!
  2. Oh no...I'm sending her flowers :flowers:
  3. Awww...but she'll be happy and healthy when she comes back to you! :tup:
  4. I hope that it'll be quicker than that to get your baby back to you!!! Say hi to the Twiggy for me! :p
  5. Hope she has a speedy recovery!!! Maybe she'll be released sooner than the docs think. LOL
  6. Awww, she'll be back before you know it ... and she'll be like her brand new self again!
  7. She's in good hands and will be back to you in no time:tup:
  8. I am sure you will be really excited to get her back!
  9. My last repair I was told 4-6 weeks and I got it back in 2 weeks. Perhaps yours will be quicker than anticipated!!! I hope she recovers beautifully, as I am sure she will since LV is doing the repairs! They are awsome with repairs!
  10. Is that your German Shepherd in your profile photo? Beautiful!! I have one almost all black (a little tan) named Shadow!
  11. OMG - I hope she comes back home well rested ! :graucho:
  12. Yes. That's my handsome baby boy. We rescued him about a year and a half ago from a local shelter. He's absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the compliment! (He models all of my bags for me - I always post pix of him and the bag when I get a new one. LOL. If you search my old posts, you'll find them. He's a great model! Tell Shadow Sparky says WOOF!
  13. Okay, okay...I love to show him off. I can't help it!

  14. (OF course his eyes aren't crazy possessed like that IRL!)
  15. Your CP looks great in that pic... why are you getting it reglazed?