LV cover for Ipod?

  1. Does anyone know if LV sells any covers for an Ipod Nano? I hate carrying my ipod just like that with no cover because the screen always gets some kind of scratch! Thanks!
  2. As far as I know vuitton doesnt make one for th nano, perhaps in the fture, for now the nicest ones are the gucci and dior ones for the nano.
  3. Hey!!! That's my listing!!! Ha. How did you know that was me? :P

    LV only makes 2 cases for the Nano: One in Monogram Canvas and one in White Multicolore.
  4. O wow I didnt know, I eat my words, John, I looked at the listing and I SWEAR, my first thought was: "theres a guy on the forums named john with the same ipod holder, wonder if it him." BTW, I ALMOST hit BIN, until I realized that it wont work with my ipod video. Do they make one for the video?
  5. I saw the MONO case for the widescreen ipod, i don't konw....its not for me, too bulky...
  6. they sell nano go on UK version of then press on mens wallets and small leather goods, then press on monogram and then its the 6th item down. they are £115
  7. Yes, LV makes an iPod case for the nano.
  8. Go to and search for "nano" - it is just called iPod nano case
  9. hee hee hee.

    LV does make an iPod case for the Widescreen and it's only available in Monogram Canvas...

    Here's how an iPod video fits inside the case... It doesn't fit perfectly and that just bugged me... lol.

  10. Hey john, does that case fit the regular Ipods or the minis?
  11. Hmmm... it is orginally meant for the iPod Photo [4th Generation...]

    The Mini might fit, but I am not too sure of it.
  12. Thanks!
  13. I thought the multicolore was only for the iPod Mini? Not the nano?