LV coussin or balenciaga first?

  1. due to limited funds, I have to decide between the two.
    what do you girls think?
  2. LV! I'm not a big balenciaga fan
  3. Do you have pics of the two you are interested in? If so, please post them, Thanks
  4. I would say the B bag. I am not fond of the Coussin.
  5. B-bag!!!
  6. I love LV..and honestly, I think you'll find that it's more of a classic. Unless you're thinking of a Balenciaga in black, I'd definitely go with the LV.
  7. My vote is LV.
  8. Balenciaga!
  9. Lv
  10. Not a fan of the Coussin bag. It looks like it has nipples.:shame:
  11. Lv!
  12. i really don't like the coussin. so balenciaga in this case.
  13. I like the Pillowy LV!
  14. I like both LV and Bbags, but definitely Balenciaga First because I'm not a fan of the Coussin.
  15. i would say balenciaga
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