1. :mad: OK- I am really pissed.I looked down at my fave LV shoes to find the piece that sticks out of the buckle on the shoe is GONE..yep..thats shoe fell apart..and yes..I lost the piece that is missing too...arghh.I bought them at Saks LV in you think my LV store will take them back..for repair..or whatever???sucks..they are my fave shoes...sob...
  2. Aw, sorry to hear that Jill. How long have you had them? Try to get them repaired. Sorry I am not of more help!!!
  3. I'm so sorry that happened Jill. I'm sure you can get them fixed by LV. Please feel better soon!
  4. I have read that LV products are have a one year warranty. By the date code or purchase date I am not sure!
  5. Hi Jill,

    sorry about your shoes, I think you should take it to the store for repair. It may take 4-6 weeks or more
  6. Take them in to LV! They should be able to repair them or exchange them. LV shoes are not cheap, they shouldn't be falling apart on you :mad:
  7. ^ I agree,they are flip-flops..If I send them away for repair...the warm weather will be over by the time I get them back..LOL...I am gonna request a new pair..if possible....wish me luck...I spend enough in their stores..lets see how I get treated....!!!
  8. Good Luck! I'm sure that LV will accommodate such a great customer as yourself!
  9. Sorry to hear that, Jill.
    You should take them back to LV, they should do something a/b it. The shoes are not cheap to fall apart.:rant:
  10. You should'nt have a problem, don't despair! When hubby and I went to Paris, we took all the broken stuff in, keepall had a busted zipper, broken loop on a wish bracelet and a pin fell out of my inclusion hair clip. They fixed it all in a day with no charge! I don't know how the states works, but the shoe will be sent to your nearest repair center and fixed. If you bought them recently, demand a new pair. GOOD LVCK!
  11. Aww.. that's terrible ! I hope that you can get a new pair - if they're a factory defect it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. erm, I'm doubting even more LVs quality :blink: they might have a great service, but stuff like that should'nt happen at all for the prices you pay :oh:
  13. Hope you get them sorted, let us know what happens!

    Good luck!

  14. That sucks! I hope that they just give you a brand new pair, good luck!
  15. Keep in mind that it is wear and tear. Same thing w/ a car, you spend so much on it and something is going to come up.