LV Copley's TERRIBLE Customer Service Strikes Again!

  1. I was on the waitlist (very early, might I add) for an Azur Speedy 25 and Azur Pochette at the Copley LV boutique in Boston---the very same boutique that poor tpf member Sirenized received ghastly treatment from. The SA that originally put me on the waitlist left me a voicemail on Nov. 2 to tell me that my purses had arrived, and that I could either come by to pick them up or call her back specifically to arrange a charge send. I was busy this week and knew that I would not be able to get to the boutique until Sunday, so I called back right away to ask her to hold the bags for me. She was not in, but the SA that I spoke with took a message and said that she would call right back. She never called back. I called again and she was of course not available. I had not received any feedback that the status on my bags had changed, so I went in today to pick them up. Of course, when I asked for them, the SA checked and came back and said that there were no bags for me as they had sold out. I asked her if anyone not on the waitlist had been sold bags, to which she said "yes." I then told her that I had called several times to ensure that my bags would be available when I was able to come in, and she simply shrugged it off and said "oh well, she (the other SA) must have not gotten the messages." She told me essentially that even though I returned the call and did exactly as I was instructed, the bags reserved for me were sold...a rather "tough luck" attitude.

    I have spent thousands of dollars at that particular LV boutique and I felt as if they could care less as to whether I was on the waitlist or not. My fiance witnessed the entire scene and could not believe how rude and apathetic the SA was to me, as if I was some kind of idiot. Her tone was so incredibly patronizing that I was actually embarassed as I left the store, which has never happened to me in any boutique before, let alone LV.

    The ironic thing is that the Saks in the same mall just opened an LV boutique, so you think this store would want to exhibit exemplary customer service so as not to lose customers to Saks.

    I am SO mad right now that I don't think that I will ever step foot in there again.
  2. OMG!!! That place is terrible! I'm so sorry to read about your awful experience. I think you should call the manager of the store and complain. I also think you should contact LV customer service about this as well. Clearly, this store and the staff there are in major need of customer service training.
  3. Ugh, I am so sorry you had to deal with this! Have you complained to the manager or called 866Vuitton? Because I certainly would. No way this person should have spoken to you like that....
  4. Sorry to hear that you had bad customer service.. They are so snooty there.. I don't know why... Time to file a complaint! That's so wrong!! You were on the waitlist.. They should absolutely rectify this..
  5. I would say to complain as somebody on this forum just complained and was given a LV Speedy for her troubles at that shop, but I've also had horrid LV service, did complain and got nowhere. Obviously, you've got to complain to the right people. Who they are, I don't know. I feel badly you were treated so rudely, I've been there and felt awful too. I would check out the Saks down the other end of the Mall. Either way, follow up with your regular SA...maybe she can pulls some strings and you your Azur pieces. Good luck.
  6. I would never have allowed an SA to speak to me like that and i'm the kind of person that no matter what, if they promised me my bags and I was ensured they would be there they better get me those bags..i dont care what it costs them..

    talk to the manager and also to 866Vuitton..Good luck!
  7. oh that is just awful. I hate waitlist for that very reason. I had something like this happen to me earlier this year so i feel your pain. :flowers:
  8. Definetely as the others have mentioned contact LV. They'll just keep getting away with this behavior if no one does anything about it.
  9. Ugh I am so sorry that you were treated so rudely!!

    Definitely complain--the whole situation is entirely unacceptable!!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear your bad experience!
    Yes, complain!!!
  11. i should never let anyone demean you like that, you are their customer and the one that provides them with a job, if it weren't or us buying their products they wouldn't be behind that counter providing us service (even if it is crappy) you should definitely talk to a manger or call 1866 V....
  12. That's horrid, I hate stories like this, because it's terrible when something that is suppose to be fun, is a pain!

    So sorry to hear, I would def. least maybe then you will be the first one to get one from the new shipment.
  13. Thanks ladies--I just can't believe it, esp since one would assume that they would want to get their act together in light of recent complaints. I'll email CS but I doubt they'll even care. I'm just going to shop at Saks from now on. I'm just mad that I took almost 2 hours out of my day, paid for obscenely expensive parking, and did not jump on the azur pieces when they were on Elux, all to be treated like this. So frustrating :o(
  14. Gosh, sorry for your experience.

    I bought my Manhattan PM at that store and everyone was so nice and helpful....

    Did you check Saks to see if they had the item you wanted? I hope you find it soon.
  15. It's interesting that the azur is getting all sold out. The LV I go to has tons that are definitely not sold out. (Macy's NYC)....they were selling it before it was supposed to be out and they are still selling them...though the other NYC LV's I think may not have stock.

    You should definitely complain about the service.