LV Contest

  1. I was listening to my local radio station today and they had a contest for a weekend trip to NYC and a $2,000.00 gift certificate for the Louis Vuitton store! I didn't win, but isn't that cool?!?

    At first when I heard they were having a LV Givaway, i was thinking- yeah right its probably a fake bag.... but a $2000 gift certificate- that's awesome!

  2. Wow, I wish the radio station I listened to had a contest like that :nuts: I always call in when they have the cash giveaways. Maybe I'll get lucky one day :P
  3. That's a great contest! Some dude (if it was a guy) made his girlfriend extremely happy. What better prize can you ask for then a weekend of NYC and designer heaven?
  4. Wow! What Radio Station is this? How lucky!
  5. awesome, we dont have those contests here :sad:
  6. It wouldn't matter if we did have a fab giveaway like this. I'd still never win:sad: V
  7. It wouldn't matter if you didn't win, looking at your LV collection would bring a smile to anyone's face ! :amuse:
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