LV computer mouse

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  1. I like it !! I'd rather try to spend my money at Louis Vuitton though, to become a VIP so I can get this kind of swag for free. ;)
  2. I'll take a wireless mouse at that price, thanks.
  3. I think it's cute! LOL!
  4. Is that even real? ....and please can it not be? It's fugly!
  5. yes, it's real.
  6. I like it :biggrin:
  7. If it was a much better mouse I'd want it. I mean you gotta look chic when you're in your pjs typing to the ladies on this forum ^_~
  8. So cute. If only I had a computer. lol Honestly, though, I;d neevr use it. I'd be all paranoid to mess it up.
  9. I like it too. Thats not a bad price IMO.
  10. That's so cute but I wish it's cordless...
  11. hahahah I never knew they make things like that. How much do you have to spend to become VIP?
  12. Ya, I want to know too! :amuse:
  13. I think it's cute! I wonder if it's an optical mouse? Haha...doubt it.

    jade109, I don't think there's a specific requirement of how much you need to spend to become VIP. It really just depends on your relationship with your SA. I hear that SAs only get a certain number of gifts each year and they choose who they want to give it to. My mom bought 2 watches (one for me:lol:) from our regular SA and that was the only time we've ever received a VIP gift from LV. I think our SA prefers to save his VIP gifts for clients that can drop $35K on one watch! :blink:
  14. How about $35K over a years time? Now that sounds better ;)