Lv compact curieuse wallet thoughts

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  1. Hi all just wondering if those of you who own this wallet would please share your thoughts and pictures of this wallet. Is it durable? does it hold up well? is it easy to use??? Thanks!!
  2. I used to own it in the bronze but sold it in my downsizing. I want to repurchase it in the poppy though. I had no complaints with it.. It was durable and held up very well to handling. Embossing was beautiful on this baby...

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  3. I love the compact curieuse and own two...poppy and amethyst. It's very supple, holds up well, has just enough card slots for my use and I love the pop of color. The only downside for me is that it's not compact enough for some of my smaller purses but I use my zcp and Rosalie for those bags. Good luck deciding!

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  4. Holds up very well. The only complaint i have is with the section for notes. Its awkward putting in your notes and getting them out because its stiff and deep. This maybe because its empreinte leather. Mine hasn't softened yet as i use my sarah wallet more. Other than that i would recommend it as a wallet for smaller bags. HTH
  5. I love the look of this wallet. I am having a hard time to go pick for my wishlist of compact wallet. Either this wallet in red or Zippy coin purse in the same material line and color. :P
  6. i have no complaint with this wallet as well. Use to own it in Cerise but sold it because i brought a Epi ZCP to fit in my smaller clutches. The leather held up well and no sign of wear and tear after constant use for a year.
  7. I have this wallet in japiur, which is a strawberry red color. I have had it for almost 2 years and no complaints..great wallet.
  8. Also curious- following!
  9. It's a great wallet except it's not compact's an in-between size. The notes compartment is too deep. I've downsized to Cles and I love how all my stuff fits in that SLG.
  10. This is my worry on the wallet - the bill compartment - looks deep and is it hard/annoying to get money in and out of there?
  11. I've had this wallet for about two years now. I tend to rotate my wallets ever few months but sometimes I will use this one a bit longer. Mine is in the infini color
  12. I would tend to agree with you about the bill compartment but I only find it annoying when I am rushing to put my money away. For example when I am in line paying for groceries I tend to have a hard time putting my money neatly away when trying to get out of the line. I find this same issue with my ZCW and French wallet as well.

  13. You and I must think alike I always have this thought when it comes to wallets!!! How's it going to work for me in the checkout line?!!! I don't want to be "that gal" who holds up the line trying to put her money away - ha ha - I get so flustered -

  14. That's a beautiful color! Sorry to hear that you sold it... [emoji20]
  15. I got the Compact Curieuse Wallet in 2013 and I LVoe it! The only "negative" thing about it is that it's not "compact" enough for smaller bags. It's currently in the box right now because I just got the Victorine Wallet for my Croisette. Overall, it's a great wallet and the price is just right.
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