Lv Coming To Saks Phoenix

  1. I was in Saks in The Biltmore in Phoenix today. They are redoing the handbag department. The good new is that they are going to start carrying LV there. There should be an LV boutique in the store sometime this coming fall :tup:.
  2. REALLLLLLLY!!! wohoooooo!!!! im so excited!!! more to choose from!!

    man why did this happen right after i moved to oklahoma!! but when i come back in july its ON!!! hehe

  3. Oh wow! My DBF has to travel to Phoenix in the near future. I plan to go with him, and I was planning on hitting Biltmore while there. Thanks for the tip!
    Isn't that lame? I am accompanying my BF on a business trip, and I am looking up shopping destinations before we're even there!
  4. really??? omg i'm so excited!!! i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. haha NOT lame at bf and i took a 2 year anniversary trip and he planned it...what was on the "to do" list?

    ALL the hottest shopping spots in arizona, cali and las vegas!! hahah best week of my life!!!
  6. Remember though, they wont have LV until the fall/winter. I think in time for the holidays. They started carrying Gucci already...The best part is if you dont find what you want at Saks, fashion square with LV store is just a few miles away!
  7. Yay! I can't wait to check it out!
  8. Very exciting news, I love AZ now I will have even more places to shop when I visit!
  9. hehe im just excited about more than on LV in the pv area!!! :smile: wohoooo
  10. I was just there Friday and they had re-arranged some of the handbag section added Gucci . They had a few Chanel bags at 60% off and I snatched those up. It will be nice to have more than one LV store, although I'm closer to Fashion Square.