LV coming to PGH?

  1. I heard that a Louis Vuitton is coming to Ross Park Mall this October, along with Tiffany and Burberry? Has anyone else heard this?
  2. I heard of Nordstrom, Burberry and Tiffany's but not LV
  3. I have not heard, but I would sure love for it to be true. Right now with PGH having only Saks, the available inventory is limited! Please pm me if anyone should hear something firm on this!
  4. Burberry AND Tiffany's? Major swooning action here. The one thing I adore besides Primanti's and my alma mater in downtown Pittsburgh is the exceptional shopping I can do out there. Surprisingly, the people are so genuine and willing to go out of their way to help you out. Oh I can't wait! Now if only LV would follow through, I'd try to be in Pitt more than once a month! :tup:
  5. I just read in a newsletter that LV is coming to Pittsburgh per a quote from the assistant manager at LV Saks in Pittsburgh. I am going to check with my SA at Saks to see if she has confirmation of this news and will update when I hear something.
  6. Was just told August 9th is the opening date for the new LV Pittsburgh store!
  7. Just an update, but I heard the latest targeted opening date is August 29th. I think this will be a stop in my trip to Pittsburgh two weeks after the opening, lol. I'm going to change my itinerary soon to accomodate major shopping, haha. :yes:
  8. Yes, I was also told the August date!
  9. oh no...that is the same date as the opening of the Tanger Outlets in Washington!! lol But yes, it says on their webpage, 8.29.08!!
  10. WHAAAAT?! WashPA is getting a ring of outlets?! Oh man, Grove City may be bypassed on this trip for shiny floors of WashPA! :nuts:

    Oh well, maybe I'll arrange an extra day of shopping to be had prior to the touristy stuff. Ya know, Point Park walk from Duquesne. Coffee and people watching in South Side. The ever popular photo taking in Mt. Washington. Primanti's gut busting. Sigh, I so miss Pittsburgh with every fiber of my being.

    I can't wait to go back. The shopping is a definite added perk. :tup:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Outlets!
  11. I spoke with LV and they still state the 29th! :yahoo:
  12. Two days, aren't you excited? Lol. I'll be there soon enough! :girlsigh:
  13. I'm off!! planning on going to the new tanger outlets in the AM...But I want me some louie!!
  14. So jealous! Tomorrow's my only day off and I have duty on post all weekend. Poo. My schedule is jam packed until the 3rd week of Sept. I'll shop vicariously through you, lol. Have fun! :tup:
  15. Well, it opened a little early, spoke with them yesterday and doors have been open for business! I cannot wait to go!! We should all get together for a group shopping spree! I could make arrangements with the Lisa, the manager there. Let me know!