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Where's the better online spot to purchase an LV?



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  1. not allowed!
  2. ^ Also.....some people don't have to pay tax on elux! I do though, cuz I'm in Cali~
  3. I prefer elux only because I'm considered VIP and get free upgraded shipping. You have 60 days to do a free exchange and return, whereas with it's 30 days and you have to ship it with your own money. I've only used once only because it was an item I couldn't find anywhere else ~ all was ok.
  4. Doesn't matter to me, the pieces both come from the same warehouse in Tennessee (and since I'm in CA, I still have to pay tax with elux). :shrugs:

    I've never used the LV site, only eluxury.
  5. Rodeo and Peace43, thank you both for your helpful info about I'm in California, so I do have to pay tax through eLux, but saving 3% would definitely help offset some of that.
  6. Oh! You're welcome!
    I remember when I was first sent a link to this site I was amazed, as I do most of my shopping on line~ it makes elux, bluefly, and so many other sites extra sweet!:tup:
  7. omg this will be amazing since im ordering my agenda reffils now! thanks uhhbunch ! :yahoo: