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Where's the better online spot to purchase an LV?



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  1. Where do most of you all buy your LV's online?
    Is one better than the other?
    I have never purchased an LV from either but would like to know your experiences with both....
    Will make my favorite POLL out of this question!!!!THANKS all!
  2. I have bought LV from Elux since 2001 without problems. However, that may be because those items have been relatively new releases so the chance of getting a returned item was low. I have bought only once through and no problems there as well. Since I save tax at Elux, I usually by through them if they have what I'm looking for.
  3. I always shop through eLuxury. Online shopping at is a relatively new thing, and I haven't purchased directly through them.

    I've never had a bad experience with eLuxury to date!
  4. eLux would be prefered (no tax), otherwise LV is fine as well.
  5. Well, there is only going to be one choice soon enough.

    Louis Vuitton will be selling exclusively via there website come November.

    I personally like shopping on eluxury - I can buy more than just Louis Vuitton from this one website. I always have a code for free shipping and eLuxury is tax free! On top of that, I get 1-2% back from every purchase from eLuxury when I use ******, which is always nice.
  6. I have used both - only draw back to elux is your purchases do not show up with LV.
  8. Well, I've wanted to build up my purchases with LV so I've stuck with I didn't even know that elux was not going to sell LV anymore.
  9. i love Elux even though i have one bad experience with the shipping (Fedex's fault). i save on sales tax and i get 3% cashback.

    Elux is owned by LVMH, they should still continue selling LVs online.
  10. prefer elux

  11. Hi,
    Just there some advantage to building up LV purchases through LV? Do they treat you better or anything like that? I'm curious to know!!! I'm a new LV purchaser!
  12. eLux when possible because of the 3% you get back through ******.
  13. I am just about to make a last miute dash to avoid the 17th April price increase - will order form one of these sites but am curious about behavior.

    Also when i sample run on I dont seem to be charged tax but am in nyc...

    Argh the rush!
  14. How are you guys getting 3% cash back? I assume it is from using a certain credit card, but which one? I would love to get 3% back on large purchases.

  15. I was wondering the SAME THING? :confused1:
    3% adds up when you are buying over $1000 handbags!
    Let us know!!! THANKS!!!:smile: