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  1. Just saw it in stock - RUN quick if you want one :nuts:
  2. Omeegosh! lol
  3. This is tooooooooo funny
  4. funny, I checked on my order today and asked about the shortage. was told it would be 7 weeks before they get any bags in. now they have some in stock... ummmm I'm starting to smell something fishy here ?
  5. the artsy mm was in stock for an hour and a half before it wasn't available anymore! :O

    i grabbed it right in time! heard the same story from all NY boutiques including 866 that it will take up to 4-6 weeks for new shipment.. now i'm awaiting for the eva :X
  6. #6 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    me to....:thinking:

    i remember a post today of someone who was desperately searching for one -- just wanted to help :smile:
  7. This is ridiculous. Why is LV all of a sudden short on bags?! How am I going to get my EVA?!?!
  8. The PAlo Alto (Stanford) shopping mall had the Monogram NF MM in stock on Sunday. Not sure if its still there..
  9. I went to the website after reading the title of this thread to check on the Delightful MM, they actually had one in stock so I snatched it right up, as soon as I went back to look it was out of stock again. I'm not sure why the LV site keeps getting these one-sies or two at a time, perhaps they are being returned by an unsatisfied customer, who knows. My advice if you're waiting for a certain bag is to just keep checking especially late at night.

    The same time I bought the Delightful I noticed they had the Tivoli GM in stock, of course now it's gone. So I'm just saying don't give up.