- Mens: "Fancy Jewelry"

  1. are those items out yet? i really like the LV cut out ring and the LV dogtag necklace. anyone have information/pricing? would greatly appreciate it.

  2. as far as i know these will be released on the 15th along with the men's Spring 07 RTW. i quite like the "Inventeur" dogtag myself.
  3. hmm, good to know. i hope it isn't very difficult to get one. these things always seem to pass me by. :x

  4. Kodi,

    I may have seen them at my LV, in Paramus NJ. They had some sterling mens jewlery, but I can't remember exactly what it was.
  5. Whaaa?!?! :nuts: Pics? Prices?
  6. best to call your neartest LV that carry the men's RTW. not all boutiques would carry fancy jewellery.
  7. i can't save pics off of but go to: jewelry
    and there they all are. i am talking about all the champs pieces. really kewl. especially the ring and dogtag necklaces. they aren't even silver so i hope they aren't super expensive.

  8. my store has a few of these pieces already
  9. oh, i really like the wood and metal square cut rings! i want one for my bf!
  10. Yup, saw that one, love it! But got the Fleur De Monogram ring for DH instead. I wish they have that in the cufflinks too.
  11. I like them.
  12. My store haven't gotten them yet. THey still have the etoile de neige kit =P. I*m thinking about getting the bracelet, but in the look book I saw this awesome necklace/pendant thing that isen't up on their site yet and the SA diden't know anything. It was a double pendant like the dog tags, but it was more decorated especially on the edges and wasen't really shaped like a dog tag, more like proper pendants.
  13. my bf's waiting on the champs ring & double dog tag too
  14. ring champs elysees is 220euro
    bracelet champs 320eur
    small dog tag (PM)260eur
    large dog tag (GM)290eur

  15. 225 Euros is short 5 euros of the MC wapity at 230 Euros and that retails for $335