horrible experience - Heart order cancelled!

  1. Since beginning of February I have been checking 3-4 hours a day to look for Heart Coin Purses. On 2/12 I finally found them at and placed an order for red and gold Heart Coin Purses. I was so happy.:yahoo:

    Next evening when I came home from work, there was a phone message from LV that was left in my answering machine at 9:38 a.m. I immediately called back and was told that there was a problem with my order and I need to call back next day to speak with the Order Management. Next morning I spoke with the Order Management and found that my order was cancelled because I did not call back on the same day within 8 hours.

    I spent so much time and efforts to place that order for the Hearts and LV cancelled it so quickly! :cursing: They say that it is their policy to cancel an order without notification if they are unable to reach the customer within 8 hours. I work daytime and cannot be on personal phone calls. I don't think 8 hours is reasonably enough time to return a phone call. I may not be able to get a Heart again this year... :crybaby:This was a horrible experience and I would feel so unconfortable to place an order at again. Does anyone have similar experience?
  2. I heard people had problem with LV online. I guess they are new and it's hard for them to run stuff right now. That's really sucks. Sorry girl.
  3. Oh no that's terrible ... hope you find another one soon!
  4. write/email & complain 8 hours is not enough you did call as soon as you could
  5. Too only give you 8 hours is B.S.
  6. That is horrible!
  7. So sorry that happened, I'm sure you'll find another one, maybe call them back and see if they can locate one for you? Good luck.
  8. So sorry, I would call back and ask to speak to her supervisor, tell them you called the minute you arrived home and received their message...
  9. that time frame seem unfair. 24hrs seem better:smile: hope u get them soon and give them a call:tup:
  10. I'm sure you'll find one....just watch out for returned defective ones that I'm sure they're reselling. A lot of us have returned defective ones.
  11. I do not understand, when you plavced yoru order did you not give a credit card and ALREADY PAY for your order? I wonder if their inventory was wrong and they in fact did not have any left to fill your order, this I know has happened and they made up some other excuse when they called you. Why would they need to contact you if indeed you already paid?
  12. sorry to hear that *hugs*
  13. aww I would definatley complain .. thats really awful ... **HUGS**
  14. Thanks for the kind comments. I spoke with the Order Management and sent email to the Customer Relations. So far the Order Managment located at least a gold Heart but not a Pomme Heart... I am kind of happy but after reading girlsgottoshop's thread I'm afraid of getting returned defective one.

    Southerncharm: When I placed the order, there was a technical problem in the LV site and I had to click the order button 9 times before it went through. That may have caused a problem and LV needed to call me to confirm the order. But right after I placed the order I received email from LV saying that my order has been received and will be processed. So I never thought that there was a problem in my order. By the way, I now have pending charge of $1.00 for each of the 9 times that I pressed the order button.
  15. wow, i cannot believe this. when i ordered something through, i just placed an order and that was one called me or anything. that doesn't seem to make sense that they would just expect you to be reachable by phone before they put the order through. that is really weird.

    anyways, at least they found you a gold heart..hope u get a pomme one...