LV Colored accessories with ...

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  1. I think the epi manderine look wonderful with the mono bags..
    would you use it with the damier bags or would you use the Red vernis/epi ?

    Do you think the key cles is too big to hang off the noe speedy bag? which would have hang off it, Vernis Framboise, Red, Epi Manderine, Red, or would you go with the tone on tone and go with the color of the bag?
  2. Mandarin goes well with both Mono and Damier. Another pretty combo I've seen is Damier and Myrtille Epi.
  3. IMO anything goes when it comes to LV! Same pattern accessories go well together but I like to mix things up for a bit of contrast, too. Maybe not two very bright colors that are too close together, but patterns and colors that have a sharp contrast.
  4. I think the manderine color goes with both bags. Also, if you were to hang the vernis cles off the bag won't it get color transfer from touching the bag? But I don't think it's too big for it though.
  5. never thought of that.

  6. i'm not sure about color transfer :shame: I have a friend that has a red vernis pti wallet and she's very happy with it and has no issues. Now hanging it on the outside of a bag might be another issue, more so in the summer with the heat.

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