LV collector's *Must Have* items?

  1. Which LV bags are Must Have items for every LV collector from the classic 'olc school' models and the modern ones?

    Which ones will still be IN for the next... let's say... 50 yrs? :nuts:

    I would think Speedy and Alma from the classic Monogram line, but what about the Ellipse or Cabas Piano/Mezzo?
  2. Well the Noe seems to have withstood the test of time.
  3. Mostly I'd say that if you're happy with it, then it's perfect. Outside of that, the Speedy, Alma, Piano and such will last and will be definite classics if they aren't already.
  4. Speedy, Alma and a wapity.
  5. Speedy, Trouville, Pochette, and Wapity
  6. Speedy, Manhattan PM/GM, Waltz, Mizi,maybe a wapity but definitely something in damier.