LV Collector or Re-cyler?


Do You Simply Collect LV or do you Sell old when tired and buy new?

  1. Collector - Buying to look at and admire

  2. Recycler - Buy, enjoy, re-sell, buy new!

  3. Both - only buy bags I use, otherwise sell!

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  1. After reading about Twiggers bag woes it got me pondering.

    Prioring to coming to the brown side I bought Coach. I would buy a bag every 2-3 months and sell the previous one when I bought a new one. It wasn't so much about money, more about not keeping something I'd never use again. I NEVER went back to an older bag, just bought new. I find myself enjoying the obsessing, dreaming, hunting and purchase of a bag then the actual owning.
    Since buying LV, I haven't sold a one. Just buy new when the urge strikes me. Some like my panda pochette - mono riveting will never be carried. Maybe I should "set them free"?. Of course when I make a new purchase I always tell hubby this is it, the bag that will make my happy (at least for awhile) .. lol.

    So the point of my rambling is a bit of a nosey/curiousity poll. Do you buy bags simply to "collect" not worrying about are they practical, can I carry them most everyday or do you weigh out pros and cons and buy bags that you'll use on a fairly regular basis.

    I'm NOT making judgment about either style of spending just wondered how many sell older bags when getting new vs. keeping them all.
  2. I have to admit I am more of a collector than a practical buyer. But I try to use all my pieces when ever I can.
  3. i'm more of a collector too, but i rotate my bags pretty much everyday so i do get some use out of them
  4. I get 2 or 3 LV bags a year and the odd accessory in between. I am probably what you would call a collector but I really try to buy bags that I know I'll be using. I don't just buy because it's the IT bag of the moment, there should be a use for it. I have never sold any of my bags - they're all keepers.
  5. Oh gosh somehow I just spied a thread farther down by Frozen Alaska with the same theme.
    Sorry that this is a repeat mods feel free to close/delete this thread. I didn't see the other sorry ;)

    Guess I'm still on the fence ..
  6. I use all my bags, I never sell.
  7. I am more of a collector.
  8. Collector-I'll never sell any of my pieces unless it's absolutely necessary.
  9. Definitely a collector!