LV collections....

  1. Just wondering if years ago people had handbag collections LV collections more specifically. Are we pioneers???Is collecting LV a new phenomenon? It is fascinating how people really get into LV and collect it....I should do a sociological study on this....

    I love looking through the collections thread and :drool: over peoples collections!
  2. I know! I always thought I would someday own ONE lv. Now I have 8 handbags and one more on the way before Christmas. I think only the very wealthy had large collections years ago. Credit cards make it so much easier for people to get bags now that they otherwise would have to wait longer for. As for the collections thread, I simply love to look at all those bags!:yes:
  3. I am a "closet LV collector" for many many many many decades. :shame:

    Really, my dh is really happy to see that finally I have people I can share my passion with here on TPF!:lol: :lol: :P :flowers:
  4. I'm a total "closet" collector - I hate it when people around me know about my dirty LV-collecting secrets. :lol:

    Seriously, my friends in my city have NO idea about my handbag collection and I don't intend to make them aware either. Most of my family knows by the bags I carry but I think they would freak out if they actually knew just how many I have and what they cost. :angel:

    DH mentions my collection to people once in a while - I think he actually likes that I collect LV. :confused1: But I always give him crap for talking about it - it's MY dirty little secret. :graucho:

    Thank heavens for tPF! :flowers:
  5. I was in the closet about it.. but I'm out, and there's teasing, but there's also others that I feel like are coming around ! :graucho:
  6. now i just don't tell ppl how many i have...though all the girls in the group have LV bags..none of them are as crazy as me...for them it's more of a "social status" thing..for me it's different..i enjoy looking, admiring, and studying the bag...i love it how there's history behind every design..sometimes it annoys me how my friends don't even know the name of their bag though they have lots of LVs! but now..since i bought my LE (CB pap), i've kept quiet :amuse: about it..i've had enough of "omg u bought a new one again???" etc...

    seems like i'm collecting more than using the i've decided to stop for awhile and actually use all my bags ...i hv a feeling im off topic..oh wells
  7. i don't think collecting LV is a new thing... i know bag lovers who've been buying LV and other high end brands for years.
  8. I've been collecting for 20+ years now...since I was 5?????:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. IMHO, I don't think we are pioneers. LV has been around for so long! It has to have a huge group of fans and supporters to be able to get so successful like now. Lol... :P
  10. Since Vuitton has been around since 1854, I don't think it could get to where it is if we were the first generation to collect ;)

    I think we may be the first to obsess about it in the ways we do...but we are the first generation to have access to the means we do, the internet, ebay, digital cameras, etc.

    Think how many of us don't have friends 'IRL' who jus don't get it.

    If it wasn't for this board, and 'friends' to obsess with, I proably would obsess, so much...but I do enjoy it, so why

  11. Me is my secret to keep and I dont and cant share it with you gals.....:love:

    But my 2 cents is that.....alot of ladies have always collected LVs....I know many that have tons of LVs and have been collecting since they were young...
  12. Addy, Ayla.... you ppl are killing me.... :roflmfao::angel: :flowers:
  13. My Dh knows all about my collection but some of my friends don't have as much money so I actually say I only purchase a few bags a year! OMG! LOL I really don't mind if people see a few of my bags but I don't like people knowing everything I have. I guess I am weird!?!:shrugs:

  14. :wtf::wtf::yes::yes: that's just to darn funny..

    I'm have stepped over the threshold too!! MY DH just rolls his eyes and just does not understand it. Thank goodness for TPF its like an AA meeting..
    My name is AMAMXR and I'm an LV Junkie:shame:
  15. Definitely ! Except I have no intention of EVER stopping ! :angel:

    My name is Ayla and I'm a Vuitton Junkie.. and I'm NOT ASHAMED ! Love me for who I am ! :graucho::graucho: