LV collections & fakes

  1. Have you ever thought you spotted a fake in a members LV collections? I just went thru our members beautiful collections (congrats to all)and wondered if just on first glance(lol)you thought someone had a fake bag showing.:smile:
  2. ooh, this should be interesting lol
  3. i've never thought a member had a fake bag, although i haven't looked through too many, afterall, there're thousands of members. have you seen any
  4. I'm still learning LV but the question just popped into my mind while looking thru the collections thread. Some of these lucky members have more in their LV collections than I paid for my HOUSE:tup: lol
  5. ~The thought NEVER enter my mind:nogood::shocked:~
  6. I would like to doubt that a TPF member would actually knowingly post a fake on their collection thread.

    There are a lot of sharp bag lovers on this site. The odds are very high that someone would catch on to a fake being represented as an authentic bag.

    I think it would be embarrassing for the original poster.
  7. I'm not gonna point finger but in the all time on the forum i've seen several. Rangeing from entire collections of fakes. Mixes of fakes and real. Most of them are one of the members first posts and then they usually never return after they are told the truth. Probably pretty embrassing.
  8. Wow! Really?... I'm disappointed.
  9. omg. wow. ive never seen anyone tell someone they have a fake bag on here. im sure it has happened though.
  10. Once in a while I'll spot one. IMO, the right thing to do is to pm the respective forum mod rather than calling out on the member as she/he might not know it's fake.
  11. i remember seeing a thread where the new member shared pics of her new bag and everybody was like congrats! love it! and then someone started to notice its a fake and it was compared to the real one.. i dunno how it ended though..
  12. ohhh wouldnt you hate to be the original post... ouch. i respect fake owners lol... cause they save more money than me. but i dun support them.
  13. I honestly think If I saw one I would never notice :shame:.
  14. Yup, definitely. That way, a mod can edit out the pic of the fake.
    I've seen a couple in the past but they've since been edited.
  15. i think its might happen very rarely bc dont you have to have your showcase approved?? Swanky wouldnt go for that!! lol