LV collection (detail) **PICS**

  1. We seem to have a slight addiction issue........
    The collection (detail).JPG
  2. Great collection-I love the Miroir keepall!
  3. Love them! The Miroir Keepall is amazing.
  4. Lol, you're into shoes, right?
    Nice collection, thanks for sharing.
  5. Great collection. :smile:
  6. Awesome collection ! loves it
  7. Great collection. The keepall is a stunner!!
  8. very nice!!!congrats!
  9. Holy mother of perle. I am impressed!
  10. Nice shoes!
    Very nice collection.
  11. Wow! Great collection!
  12. That mirror keepall REALLY brightenes up the WHOLE room!!
  13. Great collection.
  14. So many GORGEOUS shoes! That keepall is so HOT! LOVE IT ALL!
  15. wow, lots of shoes..Very nice collection!