LV collection BEFORE and AFTER tPF!!!

  1. I was cleaning out my closet today and decided to take a group shot of my LV bags as of today.:graucho: Then I found this old pic on my PC (I remember it was my avatar when I first joined tPF) with LV bags I had before I joined tPF.:nuts:
    pre-PF.jpg after.jpg
  2. amazing! i like that you have something from each line
  3. Nice : )
  4. Wow, that's an LV-invasion :nuts:
  5. My friend is over right now with her daughter (who is 12). She asked if she could jump in the pile of bags!!!:lol: I said :wtf: !!!:lol:
  6. You've been a busy girl
  7. Incredible collection! Yep, that's what the Purse Forum will do for you!
  8. OMG! envy you... what a nice collection:nuts:
  9. You controlled yourself better than I would!:lol:
  10. HA HA HA! :heart: Loves It!:heart:
    Your bags look amazing all together, your Mandarin Epi Speedy really stands out, its looks gorgeous!
    Keep up the fabulous work Irene!
    Thanks for posting.
  11. How funny Irene!! I love those family pics. It's like a kid in a candy store!:girlsigh: :love:
  12. tell that child to get her priorities straight...its not can i jump in the pile ...its which one can i have ;)
  13. LOL! Sometimes children and fashion just don't mix, as much as I love both...I wore my WHITE Theory jacket with a white fox fur collar to work one day, and one of my students started feeling and hugging it...with grubby hands...:wtf:

    You have an amazing collection Irene!!! Maybe I'll see you in LV one of these days!
  14. ^^^ I HOPE SO!!! Which one do you usually go to?
  15. I go to both the store and Holt's on Bloor. Occasionally I make it to the Holt's at Yorkdale too, but not very often as it is a pain to get to from where I live. How about you?