LV Collection as an expression of who you are

  1. Does your LV collection "say" something about you? ? (this occured to me while looking at some of the member collection threads, even how Tpfers display the bags for photo.

    I'm just wondering if it is like a car or a watch or something. I don't mean the brand LV, I mean the actual pieces that are your 'collection' . . . . like all purses, or all speedys or only epi red . . .etc.
    Or maybe it is a reflection of your life now..hmmm..

    maybe I am getting too deep here....

    In any event, I think our LV collections are a GREAT way of self-expression of style and quality.


    PS: in a couple of weeks I am going to post my collection and you can all psychoanalyze me!
  2. I think that's an excellent question! I am looking forward to reading all the answers. I am going to gather my thoughts and answer (as soon as I put my son to bed) as I think that my collection def. says something about me and my personality (or should I say purseonality! LOL!!!).
  3. I do think it says something about the person. With me, I am a classic girl. I have the mono Speedy 35 & 30, Epi PN, Epi pochette...........classic bags for a classic style girl :p
  4. Mine is kind of personality is definetly extraverted, impulsive, addictive, and compulsive.
    My collection is a little of all of that. I have some reds for being extraverted and loud...and some different unusual pieces like my Lodge and Roxbury.
    Addictive....well that is my overall collection! So many pieces in such a short time.
    The compulsive piece would have to be my obsession with having everything in a limited line. I'm not content with just one piece....I've got to try to get them all...even if I don't use them!
  5. Lol I think mine would say that I like to stand out, based on the types of bags I have (vernis, Miroir, etc.) Which is weird because I don't really LIKE to stand out very much :lol:
  6. LV is one of the ways we all express our style and appetite for the finer things in life. I think LV lovers appreciate quality over quantity. Im sure this lust for quality extends to other aspects of life also. I for one am willing to spend more to get something that will be loved and used long after the price is forgotten.
  7. The main word people throw around to describe my taste (mainly accessories) is eclectic.
  8. that's a good question. i think my collection would say that i have a split personality perhaps? lol i do have a few MC that kind of brings out youth and brightness out of me. but then i have a few mono that i like to think is sometimes classy.
  9. I think my collection says what I am...

    FUN & FREE!! haha

    My collection is colorful!
  10. well i only have one bag and two accessories... so does that say i'm poor?
    well, college student more like, can't afford much. but it hink my bag collection overall says something about me. i like leather a lot. maybe i like finer things??? hm..
  11. i like classic, clean lines (damier speedy and vivienne long) and adore red (pomme accessories).
  12. my collection says that I spend too from that the mono gives me an elegant MC gives me a funky look and my vernis Roxy just says stylin vavavavooom....LV bags make statements unlike my MJ and Gucci's make less overt statements than my LV....LV screams quality, style and timeless high fashion......
  13. My bags and accessories show that I'm feminine, discreet, and classic. :shame:

    (I have Damier, Epi, and Fuchsia denim in my collection)
  14. Mine, I think, says classic, sweet and feminine
  15. aww man, what am I going to say about my collection?? LOL, I have a bit of everything, LE, "Loud"-Miroir, Vernis, "Classic"-Mono/Damier/Azur, and "Low Key"-Epi....guess it have something to do w/my birthday, zodic and blood type-06/14, Gemini, AB hehe:p :rolleyes: :angel: But generally I go for the classic, stream lined, and unique pieces.