LV cocktail party question:

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  1. My husband received the invitation for the Las Vegas lv cocktail party in his name. Would I be allowed to go with him? It doesn't say one way or the other. I'm trying not to get excited until I find out for sure.:s
  2. I think you're usually allowed to bring a guest!
  3. Of course you can go with him! Just RSVP for two people!

    My DH gets the invites too and always threatens to take someone else! Over my dead body! :lol:

    Have a great time! :yahoo:
  4. LOL..:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Have fun Texas girl..
  5. Sure, I RSVP'd to my LV's cocktail reception for 2 people. They will probably even ask you when you call. Las Vegas- I'm jealous!! Which boutique?
  6. Have a great time :smile:
  7. When you call to RSVP, the rep on the phone says "For 2 right?"

    My DH would rather have a root canal than go. So I'm bringing a gf -- she doesn't have any LV but is tickled pink to borrow one of mine. :smile:
  8. Wow! Which boutique are you going to?
    You should have no prob with 2. I have even attended events in California with 4 people.. As long as they know, and are expecting you ahead of time-- you shouldn't have a problem.
    Be sure to report back to us here :smile:
  9. Have a GREAT time! ITA with the other should always be able to bring a guest.
  10. Yeah you'll definitely be able to go. Most times at my store, they have the lists so confused, they don't even have the right people on the list even though they RSVP'd. So they just let us in because they know us lol.
  11. I RSVP'ed too. What should I expect at these parites? Do I have to buy something?