LV cocktail party in Austin last night

  1. Did anyone else go? It was not nearly as ritzy as I thought it would be and there were no gifts. The champagne and snacks were nice and they had shoes sent in. But I was hoping for some new or more LE items which wasn't there. And although I tried to practice restraint, I ended up buying a pair of sunnies :supacool:. Love them :p
  2. Sorry that it wasn't more exciting. But did you take any picts at the party? And which sunnies did you get? Do you have pictures?

    I would be totally psyched to go to an event, I just don't think they have many out here at our end of the woods. We don't even have shoes in the store.
  3. I LOVE Austin Texas, my brother used to live their, me my mom dad & sister visited him alot, anaways, no I did'nt go to the party last night I would love to go to one of thoes parties in an LV boutique.
  4. Oooh, post pics of the sunglasses! :smile:
  5. show pics of the sunnies
  6. I have been to many LV events and I never find them anything that great. Just basically shopping with champagne. Its always crowded, the SAs are busy you have to wait forever if you want to buy, I recently cracked the code and started going two hours before the event. All the merchandise is out!! LOL!
  7. ^^^ I agree, and thanks for the tip about going two hours before!:flowers:
  8. How did you get invites? I usually get emails from ?Tribeza, but I didn't see anything about LV part in the last email.
  9. yeah they aren't really events more private shopping nights but all the best clients tend to come at the same time it's a lot busier than if you just dropped into the store I still love them though I'd go to the opening of an envelope lol
  10. ^^^I am the same way, I love to go it is fun IMO. They are not always over the top, but still a good time.

    Label, you are too funny! LOL!
  11. I don't go.....I don't like big crowds and I always end up buying something I shouldn't. LOL