LV Cocktail Event

  1. Hello! I just got invited to a private cocktail event for the Fall Winter Limited Edition Show Bags and Spring 2008 Shoes. I just have a few questions:

    - What should I wear?
    - Can I bring a guest?
    - It's my first invite...does this mean that I'm now on their VIP list?

    Thank you! :heart:
  2. I usually wear something nice, but then again, I like to dress up....(rarely get to for work, lol), I brought my friend, who ended up buying more than it's not a formal thing, but I wouldn't wear flip-flops or sneakers....
    As for being on their VIP list, you would pretty much know you were one, the SAs really go out of their way to let you know about items and usually you're a frequent buyer....VIP clients many times receive gifts from their SAs....
  3. Oh lucky you! Be sure to take lots of pics to share with us!
  4. Thanks! So I guess being invited doesn't necessarily = VIP. Just curious!

    Anybody else have tips or wanna share their story at an event with me?
  5. Have fun!! I've been invited to events, but never went. I either didn't have anyone to go with or I was too busy. I hope to go one of these days soon.
  6. I have been to a few and for the cocktail events most people here dress smart-casual. Have a great time and don't forget to report here after the event:tup:
  7. Which location is it?

    The reason I am asking I just got one for the Beverly Center.

    It is also my first time going and I was wondering the same things as you.

    I am so excited!!!!!
  8. For the christmas one last year I worn a black pencil skirt, white shirt & wide red waist belt with my yellow epi cannes ( lol I almost think the bags more important than the outfit)

    It was a lot of fun the store was really busy at first but it emptied out, the food was fabulous and the free champange doesn't hurt (well only your bank acount)

    somebody knocked over a glass at champagne over 3/4 bags with vachetta! so my tip keep your champs away from the bags LOL

    go have fun and please report back at everything you see
  9. You'll have lots of fun. I usually dress up a bit- Last time I wore tailored theory shorts, a knit top, my extreme hole shoes and an LV pochette. I too agree with Label Addict, i planned my outfit around my shoes and bag. ;) There were a few photographers there for local magazines and papers, so your pic may wind up in print. Your invitation should give you a number to rsvp to, when you call just state that you would like to bring a guest and your name will have a plus 1 next to it on the list at the door.
  10. Congrats! Have a great time and let us know what happens!
  11. I too got an invite to an event. Yes you can bring a guest just call the number listed on the invite and give your name and if your going to bring a guest.

    I have been to a few LV events. many people dress up
  12. have a great time peach!
  13. Sounds like a lot of fun.. Drinks and bags! what more could you want ;) Do dress up and wear you prettiest bag and shoes. And DO report back. Have fun!!
  14. Thank you so much for all of your tips and stories!

    And beljwl, I'll be attending the same one at Bev Center! How awesome! Hope to see you there :smile:.

  15. You shoulld join us for our TPF meet tomorrow at the Beverly Center