LV Cocktail Event NIGHTMARE!

  1. OK so last night I went to the LV cocktail event at the bev center and this is how the night went:

    left my house at 6:15pm (live 35 miles N of Bev Hills), stopped off in Burbank to pick up my friend (lives 10 miles N of BH). Sat in traffic and got to LV at 8pm.

    Saw the new Motard pochette, the bigger one w/two handles (forgot name), the copper limelight, Griet and then my friend tried out some bags that she wants to get. So we had some glasses of champagne - it was fun. I was bummed that the exotics weren't there like they were supposed to be though. I really wanted to see them.

    Anywho we ended up leaving LV around 9:15pm and going to CPK for dinner. We get out of there around 10:45pm and it's RAINING, yeah RAINING! Well for some of you rain is good but unfortunately for most Southern Californias RAIN IS BAD! NO ONE CAN DRIVE IN THE RAIN!! hehe. So we head for home (Burbank) and again traffic is a nightmare. We're in the car and ready to start driving and it's 11pm, we get to her house and I drop her off at 12:30am (yeah an hour and a half to go 10 miles - ok we made a quick stop at krispy kreme but we went to the drive through so maybe cut off 10 mins). So at this point the freeway is NOT MOVING through Burbank on the 5fwy. I take side streets through the some scary areas and finally get back on the freeway and it's moving. I think yeah I might be home by 1am. UMMM NO! I get up to the where the 118 and 5 intersect and they close the 5 fwy, so I take the 118west to the 210 and that's flowing pretty good. Then all of a sudden they close the freeway again (the 210 turns into the 5) and make everyone get off on a side street. So then I sit on this side street FOREVER! Well after all is said and done, I get home at 3am!!

    YES 3AM!! It took me 2 1/2 hours to go 25 MILES!!

    So here's what happened: 15 big rigs got in a crash on the freeway and 5 got on fire and 1 exploded! CRAZY!

    So needless to say I am so tired right now and still sick - DH said I should not have gone out last night at all and now I wish I didn't.
  2. oh no! that sucks that it took so long to get home...but I hope everyone in the crash is okay....I live in the Valley and i know what a pain in the a** it is to get to the LV in Beverly Hills....:cursing:
  3. at least you got home safely. better late than never I always say.

    hope you had fun though...sounds like you might not be going out for a couple days after lastnight.
  4. forgot to mention that I saw the new white epi - called madeleine (I think), it was soooo pretty and very cute style, body is kinda like the popincourt but it had long handles that would fit on the shoulder - price was $700 something.

    Oh and then they got a new mono purse that was really cute too - can't remember the name (sorry too much champagne - hehe). It sorta looked like the cabas piano and saleya but had a pleat in the middle. The straps were not long enough for the shoulder but it did come with a longer stap. Great price point too.
  5. Oh geez, I heard about that crash on the radio on KNX this morning. So crazy!
    I'm sorry you were in it, that really stinks! But at least the event was pretty fun hehe.
  6. ^^ tivoli maybe?!
  7. it might have took a while but at least you got home safely.
    glad you had fun apart from the drive.

  8. Oh. sounds like the palamero(sp?) It's on my wishlist. cant wait to see it IRL
  9. LA traffic sucks!!!
  10. people died in that crash, that is really sad. did you guys see the pics from the scene? OP i'm sorry that you were in traffic for such a long time but consider yourself lucky, you could have been on the 5 when the trucks collided
  11. I bet you wish you bought something at the event. It would have made the painful drive a little more worth it.

    That's so unfortunate about the accidents. So many lives needlessly destroyed... :sad:
  12. Oh no.....Im so sorry.....

    I was suppost to go to the event but decided not to because of schedule changes.....

    Our family actually took a long drive in the rain but luckily didnt experience anything but slow driving mostly....

    My gosh, that crash souded horrible, its incredible that such thing can happen in an instant....
  13. OMG wow!!! at least the event was fun! And mmm krispy kreme = amazing!!! sry about ur crappy drive :sad: hopefully everyone is OK :smile:
  14. It started raining last night at around 9 pm. Then that accident happened. Do you know that up to now, 5:30 pm on Saturday, the 5 North and South are still shut down? It's so traffic here in our area since everyone's taking the side streets. The accident happened only 5 miles away from us. My DH took 45 minutes to get home, travelling less than 5 miles!

    For everyone who doesn't know about LA traffic....IT IS BAD and to have the freeways closed on top of that is a nightmare!
  15. I second that ^^^ ... glad you got home safe and sound!