LV Clutches-epi pochette segur

  1. Can anyone tell me more about the LV clutches or small handbags that are appropriate for formal events or nice evenings out? My mom and I were discussing my handbag collection and we both noted that I don't have any really formal handbags- I do have a mini pochette accessoires, but that's not really enough, as nice as it is. Here's the epi pochette segur, which I like:


    Does anyone have this one? I would get this in black. Also, does anyone know if the handles come off the bag? I'd like to be able to convert it from a purse to a clutch and back, as needed. Thanks for your help!
  2. i would love to hear everyone's opinions abt this bag too...

    btw, the strap is detachable
  3. I was just thinking the same thing, LV does not really have any evening/clutch type of bags, or do they ?
  4. The segur is really pretty. I have a Recital that I use for nice evenings out and I love it. :love:
  5. That is a beautiful bag - I have an Epi Buci (discontinued) in Red that I just love!
  6. The honfleur is an option, too, but someone helpfully suggested that stuff like lip pencils, etc. can fall out. I don't carry things like that around in my clutches, but it's still helpful to know.

    What other brands make good clutches?
  7. How about the new vernis Lagoon Clutch or a Lexington? That would make a great clutch.

    I looove the segur pouch though!! It is stunning in red.