LV Clutches-epi pochette segur


Feb 12, 2006
Can anyone tell me more about the LV clutches or small handbags that are appropriate for formal events or nice evenings out? My mom and I were discussing my handbag collection and we both noted that I don't have any really formal handbags- I do have a mini pochette accessoires, but that's not really enough, as nice as it is. Here's the epi pochette segur, which I like:


Does anyone have this one? I would get this in black. Also, does anyone know if the handles come off the bag? I'd like to be able to convert it from a purse to a clutch and back, as needed. Thanks for your help!
The honfleur is an option, too, but someone helpfully suggested that stuff like lip pencils, etc. can fall out. I don't carry things like that around in my clutches, but it's still helpful to know.

What other brands make good clutches?