LV Clochette / Key Bell

  1. Can I buy a regular vachetta clochette in any LV store?:idea:
  2. You can call 866-vuitton and order one if a store near you doesn't have one. I ordered one before and it came all the way from france because the stores didn't have any. It was only $20 too, last year.
  3. Woah, your kidding me only 20 bucks. When you ordered yours did you call or order it from the store?
  4. ^^I called 866-vuitton and they checked stores and then they ordered it from france and shipped it to a store here then they sent it to me.
  5. ... I'm a bit new to the LV scene... sorry but whats a clochette?
  6. ^ me too! I don't know either.
  7. i am the 3rd person who doesnt know..:p
  8. The little thing that hangs off the speedy with the keys in it.
  9. oh its like a leather tag thing right?
  10. Well, it has the keys in it for the lock on the bag.
  11. can someone post a picture, lol
  12. [​IMG]

    It's the thing on the left side.
  13. it's very inexpensive, and do try 866 to locate one :yes:
  14. lol i never knew it was that inexpensive. it must be one of the most affordable LV item + i think we can personalise it with hot stamping :lol:
  15. ^

    Now you made me want one!:upsidedown: