LV Cles....stupid question

  1. Hi there. This is kind of a stupid question - but I need to know. what and how exactly do you use your cles? and how often. Or is it just meant for decoration.

  2. Change, driver's license, cash, keys.
  3. keys change& it...accessorize girlfriend...
  4. so do you subsitute for your wallet?
  5. I use mine everyday as my key chain. I keep my licence, credit cards and cash in it in case I need to run into the store or run my son to school. I use in in place of my purse sometimes! LOL I still carry an additional wallet in my purse though to store my checkbook and other cards and photos, etc...
  6. I keep my license in it so I can just grab and go when I'm driving my kids somewhere and don't need money or a bag.
  7. I pretty much don't use my wallet anymore. I "busted" the zipper 3 times because it's too full but the zipper work like normal after I unloaded some bills. I am very impressed!!! I have my coins, ID,debit card,all other cards and $$
  8. I use mine for coins mostly and sometimes to hold my drivers license or bank car or money! I attach mine to the hook inside my bags so I find it very useful and I use it every day!
  9. Ditto
  10. wow, cles seems really practical seeing how everyone's using it... and it's definitely more affordable than a wallet... great ideas, ladies!
  11. Keychain....and well my keys do go in it as well!
  12. i put my keys in them
  13. I used to keep my drivers license in mine, along with my main credit cards, hang my car keys, house keys, etc... Then one day I lost it while shopping at Nordstroms. It was scary because I keep thinking whoever has it, has my house key along with my address from my drivers license. I had to change my locks to my house. (not cheap) Then two days later Nordstorm's called and said that they locked it in their safe. Nothing was missing, :smile: I was very lucky. I never keep my drivers license in it anymore.
  14. Do you guys think that this warning needs to be in its own thread?
  15. I use mine everyday as an MP3 (+ headphones) case . I attach it to my school bag during the week, and include inside (and sometimes outside) of my handbag for the weekend. It doubles as a practical case AND decoration! I love the cles! At first I thought it was useless but now I use it as much as my wallet.