LV Cles or Coach Mini Skinny- which fits more?

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  1. I noticed that the Louis Vuitton Cles (aka Key and Change Holder) and the Coach Mini Skinny are very similar. For those who are familiar with Coach and LV, which one fits more cards (credit cards, id's)? I noticed that the Coach Mini Skinny has 2 outside pockets in addition to the main compartment. Does anyone know which fits more cards overall?
  2. if you get a mono or damier or mini lin it will hold about the same.

    I have had the coach skinny and it holds TONS
  3. I have the coach scribbles mini skinny and the damier cles and I have noticed that the mini skinny holds alot more
  4. If you like to switch around the clip on the LV is a little easier than the ring on the Coach.

    Also my razor phone fits in some of the cles - have never been able to fit in in a skinny.

    On the other hand many of the skinnys also have an outer pocket so you can put your key inside with coins and slip bills and a card in the outer pocket.
  5. could somebody who has both perhaps do a picture post? I've actually been considering buying one or the other to put on my keys to keep my license, insurance cards, etc. in....I hate lugging my purse around when i'm just running down the street for something (or to the gym!)
  6. coach mini skinny definately holds ALOT more. I find the coach mini skinny to be SUPER DUPER useful! Loves it!
  7. I have both and never found any of the cles LV's to compare in size with Coach skinny. I would hands down take the skinny. Holds much more!
  8. Mini skinny definitely holds more, but i find the Cles much more functionable... somehow.
  9. Mini Skinny holds more.
  10. the mini skinny definitely holds more, but I like the clip on the cles, so I can clip it to a belt loop or something...the cles is more rectangular, while the mini skinny is more square, in my opinion.

    how many cards are you wanting to carry?
  11. I hate the fact that they are asymmetrical. Thats what always bothered me about the mini skinny. I'm just anal like that I suppose.
  12. 4.25 x 3 measurements of a skinny off the Coach web site

    4.5 x 2.5 measurements of mono cles off elux

    Makes sense why a skinny can hold more while I can't get my phone in it but can get the phone in the cles.
  13. Here are pics for ya :P

    Size comparison:

    Cles with 10 CCs - easy to put in and take out:

    Cles closed - very slim profile:

    Mini Skinny with same 10 CCs - extremely difficult to put in and remove, can't zip up:

    Had to shove all CCs into one side of the fold in order to close it:

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  14. Mini Skinny closed - bulky profile:

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  15. thanks for the pictures addy. just proves.. lv's better ;)