LV Cles family and different types!


Which one you think is better?

  1. Multicles 6

  2. Pochette cles

  3. Multicles Rabatt

  4. Others - will tell you which one in the post

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  1. Hi! :smile:
    I would like to ask your opinions about those items:
    1) Multicles Rabat
    2) Cles pochette
    3) Multicles 6
    Which one do you think is more practical? Especially if you use often the keys (not for the car but for the home and office) and if you would like to use it at evening with tiny bags! Thanks for your help! :heart:

    p.s. how many cles could fit in the cles pochette and how many in the multicles rabat?? Does Chanel do something similar??
  2. Do you have pictures of any of these? I've never seen them I don't think.
  3. I like the pochette Cles.

    I had a vernis one but sold it and I want to get another. i think it's good because it can be a keychaina nd a little wallet/coin holder/lipstick etc.

    I like the first one too but there's no sipper to hold everything in so nah to that one. And I have never liked the ones that you put the keys inside. It would bug me I think.

    I say Pochette Cles.

    Oh yeah and what exactly is a "cles" Keys?
  4. Yes, cles is keys. I found the names on LV french website (I'm from Europe so I can check prices better there).
    I was thinking about the pochette cles too - also it's cheaper!!! Ehhheheeh!!
  5. The pochette cles bulges if you put too many keys inside. I therefore think the multicles four or six is better, because, ragrdless of the number of keys, its remains flat. The multicles rabat is for longer keys, so it depends on the keys you have.

    Chanel does make something similar to the multicles, I have seen a black cambon version with pink interior.
  6. Thank you Wentworth-Roth! I think I'm going to make a post on Chanel forum too.
    I have 2 keys of my home and about 5 of the office. I could go on with old keychain for office and buy a new one for the home.
    The problem of the Multicles 6 is that it doesn't have a pocket, does it? So I'm more oriented on the pochette cles...
  7. I agree w/ Wentworth that the pochette cles may bulge a little if you put too many keys inside.

    I have one I use everyday, but I don't use it for keys. Here's a repost of pictures of what I keep inside: driver's license, 2 cc, 1 ATM card, USB memory stick, iPod shuffle and office cabinet key. And it's completely flat once I zip it.
    Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  8. Thank you for posting the photos voodoodoll2005!
    I also think the cute thing of the cles is it comes in many types (mono, damier, MC, Cb etc). I have a mono Speedy and maybe it could put some color to my bag..
  9. The cles I currently use:


  10. I vote pochette cles
  11. My vote goes to pochette cles. ;)
  12. It's great to hear your votes go all to one same direction, that make my choise easier!! :smile:
    What design of cles do you prefer? Which one do you think match better with a mono speedy? I think MC and Damier are not good to match with mono while mono (eventually in a LE like perfo or CB) or venirs could look nice, but vernis is smaller, right?
    Thanks for lettin me know your opinions and please go on!! Hugs!! :heart:
  13. BTW Steve, congrats, your 4000th post!!!!!!!!! :drinkup:
  14. Pochette cles