LV Claude bag

  1. I received a call from A Second Chance Resale in NY. They have a 2004 Runway bag called the Claude. It is purple with alligator and ostrich trim. Does anyone know what this bag looks like?? It is out of my price range, but I would love to see a photo. It sounds fabulous!
  2. I don't know this bag maybe we need an old le catalogue to check the style.
  3. I haven't heard of a Claude, but I've seen the Clyde from the Velours's one in green on ebay. I've also seen pics of Lindsay Lohan with one.

    At what price are they selling the purple one for?
  4. Maybe she means the Clyde. The green one is amazing. I think she said it retailed for $6000+ and they were asking $3800ish.
  5. I have to say if the bag was less expensive, it would be mine!:yes:
  6. STAR has one in her collection. The bag is GORGEOUS but very expensive.:sad:
  7. Yes..she has one.:love: :love: ..Gorgeous bag..
  8. I want that bag oh, so...much!!!
  9. It doesn't seem to be really practical though, but it's beautiful
  10. Oh I remember that bag, it´s tdf!