LV Christmas present pics

  1. My boyfriend gave me this for my Christmas present! I think it is very pretty but I usually wear neutral colors (I only have monos and damier). Does red match a lot in your opinion? Also does this leather scratch easily? I wonder how it would look with patina? thoughts please! :smile:
  2. pretty!! Almost everything Pomme is so gorgeous. My Vernis pieces have held up pretty well and as far as patina...I'm not sure. None of mine have turned yet. I guess I'll (we'll) have to wait it out and see. Merry Christmas!!
  3. It's so cute! It's probably my fave vernis bag besides the Summit Drive.
  4. Gorgeous! Pomme is such a stunning colour. I think it does go with alot of other colours, it stands out . Also i wouldnt say Vernis scratchs THAT easily , Congrats!
  5. It really is a stunning color....but if you don't feel it, maybe you can exchange it for something you will truly LVoe......??
  6. Congrats! Nice!:tup:
  7. I think that red goes with everything. It adds color to the neutral outfits. I like the style of your bag.
  8. congrats and i love it! the color is very vibrant and i think it will match with alot of things...
  9. Congratulations --- pomme is a gorgeous color in any type bag! I have had no trouble choosing what to wear with my pomme Brentwood, although I usually went with lighter, neutral colors since this color really adds that bit of bling to whatever you are wearing!
  10. I love that color, it's so rich, congrats
  11. I LOVE IT!!!! Santa brought me the exact same bag for Christmas.

  12. I love it. Pomme is such a wonderful colour. Congrats!
  13. Red goes with black, white, tan, navy...pretty much all neutrals. I didn't know that until I randomly got a pair of red JC shoes, then realized I could wear them with most of my wardrobe even though I have Fear of Colors.
  14. Lucky you :nuts: Congrats :smile:
  15. congrats!