LV Christmas Party Report & My New Gorgous Purchase!!!

  1. Hiya guys!

    So the other day i went to my first LV party and i Loved it!!!
    It was so fun! They had got a ton of bags in , Alot of Suhali including the Silver & Gold lockits in PM & MM and the Silver zippy wallet was also there , They had lots of Mono bags . They had the Motard clutch which i didn't like alot from the pics on here but after seeing it irl i was like OMG!! it's gorgous! and about 10 minutes into the party the shelves where clearing FAST!
    There wasn't alot of people carrying really LE bags alot of people where carrying suhali and someone had the Amarante sunset blvd but acctually alot of people had Chanels!

    Everything was amazing though , and as we left we got a gorgous LV scented candle !

    Yesterday i went to LV again and they also had the Silver lockits and zippy , They has the Rubis bucket and Blue Denim XL.
    I really wanted the Mahina but they didn't have it they said they only had it left in manchester and they wont transfer :sad:
    But then i asked about the Mahina wallet and they had it!!
    It's gorgous !
    i had to get it so here are the pics!:yahoo:

  2. ooo it's gorgeous, congrats! I'm glad to hear that you had fun!
  3. that is such a classy wallet!!!! CONGRATS!!
  4. very nice, congrats!
  5. So glad you had fun at the party! The wallet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, congratulations :flowers:
  6. Beautiful wallet, so chic...congrats!!! Sounds like you had am amazing time :heart:
  7. OMG!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. congrats kaiie. its lovely.
  9. That wallet is stunning. I saw it on the website and I was like OH MY GOD!
  10. that is so lovely! congrats!
  11. LVoely, congratz!!! I'm glad you had a good time.
  12. Congrats, it's gorgeous!
    And lucky, you got an gift! I went to the party last night too but they weren't giving anything out. :sad:
  13. I love the wallet :heart:
  14. Beautiful wallet. Excellent choice. Congrats!!!
  15. ah gorgeous! i love the mahina wallet!!