LV Christmas animation 2016 limited edition pieces

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Would anyone know whether LV have released pictures of the Christmas animation line that's usually released in September?
    Usually they release info around June time.
    Does anyone know?
  2. My sa showed pics of them to me last time I was in for my girlfriend. It's an imagine with a ship on it.

    September 1 is the date.
  3. IMG_1469480234.630414.jpg

    This was posted on another thread.
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  4. MarraC, do you happen to have a close up of the 2016 Christmas Animation pouchettes and wallets? Or, can you point me in the direction of the thread?
  5. Cute! Thanks for posting. I'm interested in getting a mini pochette with an animation print this year. Do these sell out fast, like do I need to be on top of it? Or is there generally enough stock for a few months? TIA
  6. Never mind! I found my answer from last years thread, sounds like I have nothing to worry about :smile:

    Do people use the mini pochette or is it more of a collectors item that you just stare at and keep in your closet. I plan on using it in my bag everyday but I'm curious what other people do with limited edition pieces. Can't wait to see final pics of this stuff!
  7. Sorry this was all they had on the thread.
  8. Thank you anyway!
  9. Anyone know the product code for them? Thanks.
  10. image.jpeg
  11. I rotate through mine and they all hold my camera :smile:
  12. I tend to use it as my digital pouch, i.e. I put my phone charger and cable in it, also my earphone and sub drive. It also fit 1 of my purse hanger in case I need to go anywhere that have no space for my bag so I can hang it at the back of my chair rather put it on floor. I don't like small items float around in my bag hence I use mini pochette as my organizers inside the bag.
  13. Am I reading those prices correctly that the round coin purse is more expensive than the mini pochette??
  14. i use mine daily! i use it to carry my phone charger, earbuds, and my gym lock. i am up the creek without a paddle if i forget it!