LV/Chloe advice needed

Should I buy a sable Paddington or invest in LV instead? I tend to dress classic but drift more towards funky bags. I had a ton of LV that I sold (WHY???) and am finding that I want them back now :sad2: Is LV a better investment than so-called trendier bags? I kind of like the cerises line and might invest in a speedy 25 and a cabas piano.

What do you girls think? I can't seem to decide without help :love:
Honestly -If you like classic,yet a little funky,I would get a Chloe bag...however I do think LV bags are timeless and worth the money.Where I think Chloe bags are more dated.
Hope this helps....I personally am trying to get up the courage to buy the LV Musette Perf thats a funky LV bag!!!
I'd say go for the LV too. The Paddy is probably has another year at best. I think you'd get more longevity out of the LV. If you don't care about longevity, I would get the Paddy! It's a great fun bag.
I vote for the Paddington...we know that Phoebe Philo is "retiring" and who knows what the next Chloe designer will do? The Paddy may be a collector's item. Or may simply not be around. The LVs are pretty consistently available, so you can always go for the LV later.
I had the same dilema and ended up going with a LV. Chloes are not cheap, yet very casual, which is fine because you'll probably get alot more use out if it, but for me personally, I just felt that my money was better spent on something that was a little more formal. I was debating between the white suhali le talenteux and a paddington, I went for the suhali. I must admit that I still think about the paddington. Maybe in the future.
An LV would be more timeless and the cabas piano is a great bag! It was one of my fav LV pieces which I used to death and beyond (the handles are like DARK brown) and then gave to my mum coz I didn't want her go just sit in my wardrobe after I started using other bags. It's just so casual and versatile. If you want a funkier LV, I agree about the Mizi of Vienna Klara. I love the aubergine colour:love: . Not a real fan of the cerises, I must admit.. a bit too playful for me. Lol, I sound old! I think the paddy is fab (I'm wanting one) but yeah as others have said, it may not have great mileage.