LV Chicago Customer Service

  1. So, here is the story:

    About a month ago, I went there to repair one of my bag. I asked 3 or 4 times about how long does it take to repair it. Surprisingly the SA said it takes about a week and they'll give me a call when it's done.

    Since I've read many posts in this forum, it makes me a little bit disbelief when she said it takes only a week. But in my mind who knows ... Then a week goes by...wait until about a month and heard nothing.

    I went there and asked about the progress. Then the lady with this white hair said that it hasn't done yet. Usually it takes only 4 - 6 weeks. Then I said that the SA before told me that it only takes about a week. She was surprised and called that SA.

    I was pissed off when she said "I never said that it'll take a week because I know that we need to send it out which make it longer than a week.etc etc....". :cursing::cursing: At first I feel fine if it takes longer. And I'll have to wait then I'll have to wait. However after heard what this SA said in front of the other SA, I was like ... okay do you mean I heard it wrong?? I asked you 3 or 4 times before and you kept saying it only takes a week. Now she said it's miscommunication?? :cursing:
  2. ah the cover your tail game! :cursing:
  3. I hate that for you...I have only had great experiences at this store...I would have been SHOCKED if it was repaired in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. LV repairs RARELY ever get done in a week's time...
    Even the minor ones.
  5. ^ I do understand that based on what tpf fellows said.

    However, she was indeed say that it'll be done in a week but she pretends never said it. That's what I hate and agitated about.
  6. I hate when people cannot fess up to thier mistakes! UGH!
  7. Sorry to say this but LV do not have good customer service. I don't think they ever will. Perhaps, you'll get to meet only 1 good SA out of 10. Here is my story.

    I sent a LV Monogram Mini Josephine (belongs to my mom's friend) for an inner pocket repair. The patch of fabric was torn. I took it the store and the SA told me that it wouldn't be a problem to get it repaired. I was told that I'd be informed when the repair was done.

    After a few weeks, I received a call that the bag was repaired and was ready for collection.

    Then I went to the store. Guess what? When I inspected the bag, the pocket was still in the same condition as when I sent the bag for repair. I was :censor: angry.

    I questioned the SA (i.e. 'Can you tell me what was being repaired? Because it looks to me that there was nothing done to the bag.') who looked dumbfounded when she took a look at the bag.

    Then she walked off to another SA and this other SA came to me saying that there was a mistake made and the bag had to be sent back again to repair centre.

    A few weeks later, I got a call again. This time round they told me that they couldn't repair the pocket.

    Talking about double standards. Sometimes, I am not sure what these SAs are doing.
  8. ^ jeez sorry to hear about your story. It sounds awful.

    They have this luxury product but too bad they don't have good customer service eh?
  9. Geez these SA's are not only RUDE they are Wrong too and Arrogant. I would make a complaint, e-mail LV and also talk to the store manager
  10. Tell me about it. Some of the SAs don't even know the products they are selling at the store :tdown:.
  11. I've had a couple of rude SA before... Just the other day I called up the LV store in Saks at South Coast Plaza and asked for my regular sales associate. Well, this lady picked up the phone and said, "Shes not working today, try back tomorrow". And right before she was going to hangup I said, "Wait, maybe you could help me with something". The Sales lady sounded annoyed and then said, "Umm, yes but I'm really busy right now, can I give you a call back in 10 minutes?" ... And I said sure, so I gave her my number, but I never got a call back from her or LV that day.
  12. that's awful...well it just make me ill fill now w/ LV