LV Chevy

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    After looking at the Jessica Simpson LV video I searched for LV and this came up - Don't know what else to say but I wonder if they have a "matching bag."
  2. lol. that is grooooosssss.
    but whats even funnier are the comments below it.
  3. that has got to be the fugliest thing i've ever seen.
  4. :wacko:
  5. I saw that a while ago LOL
  6. Lol! Erm...
    It's horrific :sad:
  7. I have to agree that the comments are super funny!!! Such
  8. That's so nasty.
  9. Eww that is gross.
  10. ooookaaaaayyyyy??????
  11. OMG! :wtf: I feel offended. That was so hideous. :throwup:
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