LV cherry blossom pochette

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  1. Do you guys think they're worth the $$, say $400? I can get one for that but would love thoughts? How practical is it? I was considering the plain mono for lots cheaper but :love: the cb line.
  2. i love the cb line it is limit so i say get it.
  3. $400 ??
    The CB pochette was worth around $465 retail when it first came out. THats how much i paid for mine (not including tax).
    I dont think you can get a real one for $400 at all. Unless its used.. but chances are rare too.
  4. It's used from a friend, def authentic :smile:
  5. Not a bad price if it is genuine.
  6. then get it!
    how badly used is it?
    post pics!
  7. What color is it? I love the red/cream :love:
  8. It's brown pink, my favorite :smile: I'll post pics tomorrow!
  9. nice. same as mine. :smile:
  10. I have the brown pink one too, its a cute little bag.

    I would choose it over the regular monogram b/c they are hard to find.
  11. Lol..I'm also a member of the pink/brown CB pochette club hehe. I love it and I'd definitely go for it. It was really limited.
  12. Girls here she is! Can't wait for her to arrive. I've been wanting one of these forever :=) My only concern is I'm hoping the leather isn't too dark as I like the lighter leather and treat it so it doesn't get too dark. What do you think?

    Share in my happiness LOL :nuts: :love: :love: ;)
  13. Twinkle, it is a beauty! You will not be sorry with that purchase!!! Remember my whole wallet situation? I ended up buying a cherry blossom porte tressor wallet (gently used) from a mypoupette seller. It was a lot cheaper than a new LV wallet, but yet a collector's item.

    Congrats!! I really think you will enjoy it! :love: