LV cherry bags - have they stopped making them?

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  1. Hello

    I was looking at the LV website and see that they no longer have the beautiful bags with the cherries on them. Does that mean that they are no longer making them, were they a limited edition only?

    Im not sure of the proper name for this style, was it Cerise.

    thank you in advance
  2. Yes Bunny they are no longer making this collection. You can call 866-VUITTON and a SA can help you locate a pochette, and if your lucky MAYBE a sac plat. The speedies are completely sold out.
  3. WAHHH :cry:

    thank you
  4. I was told that they stopped selling anything from the Cerises line after December 31st, 2005 and what was left was destroyed. The salesperson told me this.
    I saw that someone on this board has a new Sac Plat and was wondering how they got it - maybe outside of the US?
  5. A few stores have cerise items out there--I actually bought my cerise Sac Plat on 2/13/06 in San Diego. The keepall, sac plat, and the pouchette are still available--you can call LV's 1-800 number and they can either have one shipped to you and/or tell you who near you has the bag. I love the bag!
  6. they are going for ungodly amounts on eBay
  7. Why would they be destroyed?!?!?

    Someone explain this...:cry:
  8. Andrea, I'm wondering the same thing!

    The only thing I hear they destroy is defected or returned items in un-sellable condition.

    Destroying left-over limited editions sounds like a stretch :weird: They didn't do that with the Panda line that debuted in Japan nor do they do that with the seasonal Vernis colors.
  9. they aren't destroyed. if you call LV customer service they can locate what you want. speedys and wallets are gone, but everything else can still be found :biggrin: