LV Cherry bag - it it impossible to buy now


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Feb 2, 2006
Hello I posted a post a few days ago to find out if these bags were still available and found out that LV dont do them anymore. Is there anywhere that I can still purchase them from, or is ebay my best bet?

i've been debating whether or not to sell mine.........i'm still not sure what i wanna do but if i do decide to sell i'll be sure to post it in the marketplace....
Ebay would be your best bet, but PLEASE post on here to ask the very informative ladies/gents for their opinion on authenticity.

There are LOADS of fakes out there.

Good luck!!

Thank you everyone.

I surfed ebay and found a few. I live in London and noticed that some dont ship outside the USA.

Also must admit, Ive never used ebay as Ive been a bit worried to put my credit card details over the internet, but as I want a speedy sooo bad...ive been reconsidering. Although I adore lots of designer brands, I havent been able to afford many, so I dont want to bid on something and make a big dent in my pocket if it turns out to be a fake.

Ive found these two on ebay, what do you LV experts think. Are they real.

Thanks everyone for their help so far.

and this one
Hi!I'd let them both go...the first one is definitely fake.The cerises are not right shaded and the "Louis Vuitton" fonts are wrong too.The b.i.n. price is way too low also.Same opinion for the second one.Sorry,hope this helps! Ste
Wow thank you Stefyp, I was just on the phone to my boyfriend asking him to bid on it for me. I really thought that they may both be real, especially the second one. :oh:

I dont think Id risk ebay now, as Im more likely to make an expensive mistake. :sad2:
:shame: Thanx, you're welcome! I know buying from U.S can be difficult for us (i'm Italian)...i bought mine on Ebay from a MPRS. I bought the Cerise Sac Plat too from her.The best thing you can do is keep watching European auctions (even better if MPRS) and take the chance when it comes.Just ask here or on the Ebay forum to be sure you won't be ripped off. Good luck and happy bidding!;) :P Ste
Bunny, there is an awesome eBay seller based in UK called timeless_lv! They are truly GREAT!!! I know several people that have bought from them and their service is truly amazing!!! Keep watching their auctions. Maybe something will come up with Cerises. Good luck!