lv cherrie blossom

  1. i'm new to this board and have never eBay'ed anything in my life...i have an lv cherrie blossom pouchette, does anyone know how and where i can possibly look to sell it other than eBay? from what i know of eBay, i will most likely have a tough time selling it, if it's my first auction.
  2. im sure if you post lots of pics, the datecode, and if you have the reciept, post pics of the reciept, and if you have the tags, post pics of them, and if you have the care booklet, post pics of that!

    make sure to tell your hatred of fakes, and make sure the winner gets the reciept, care booklet, tags, and the dustbag. (if you dont have these things, dont worry, but do try to provide some other means of authenticity)
    also, maybe have mypoupette authenticate it for you, and give the authentication certificate to the reciever.

    i havent sold any lvs before, but as a buyer, these are some of the things i look for! hope i helped a bit!
  3. tks for the tip. i don't have the receipt, but everything else i've you think i can at least get the original value for it?
  4. It depends on the condition of the bag. :yes: As well as the color combination of the pochette. The red/cream ones are supposed to be rare and normally sells for a higher price.
  5. the condition is good, i've used it 2 times. but it's not the red/cream.
    i hope it will be worthwhile to ebay.
  6. lots of pix, plenty of proof of auth. good luck!
  7. interesting screen name. where are you from?
  8. how about
  9. if you are referring to where i live? i'm in toronto, canada. i heard about the purse forum from makeupalley.
  10. btw, what would be a good starting bid? i actually got it as a gift, therefore have no idea how much it retailed for.