LV Cherise Speedy

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  1. I have yet to buy LV--and now I'm starting to think maybe I should have gotten a Cherise Speedy. I know that LV decided to make them a "limited" edition thing and I haven't seen one in the store for awhile... Does anyone know if I'll be able to track down a new one through LV? I'd rather not go through the stress of ebay... Thanks!
  2. Call 1866VUITTON and they will do a nationwide search. Sadly, they cannot ship from other countries, so if its not available in your country, you'll have to resort to ebay.
  3. most likely no. you'll have to go through ebay. If you find an auction that you think might be right, just post it here and myself or other boardies can authenticate it for you. I'm in the process of creating an Ebay ME page for the cerises line for authentication but I haven't put the speedy up yet.
  4. I've called LV. Last week, in fact.
    They said Speedy's and wallets are long gone. They can locate about a handful round coin purses and maybe some of the square key holders, but that's it.
    Everything was officially discontinued Dec. 31st, but then she said it was pushed to Jan. 31st.
    You can still view the small leather goods on
  5. Last I checked with LV they said the only items they have on hand are a few of the accessoires pochette and the keepall in the Cerise line. Unfortunately most everything else is long long gone. Good luck anyways:biggrin:
  6. I've been seeing some of the my poupette sellers with the bags for under retail, and some for far over retail.. I'll let you know if I see a goodie !

    I think there's one that's about 1,200$ on eBay right now that looks good. Do you have a price in mind ?
  7. do you think that one is real though? i think i know which one you are talking about! i tried to contact that seller and never heard anything back :suspiciou
  8. You can find authentic ones on eBay, just be patient. I got an authentic one last week for $839.
  9. Pretty sure that one is real. That seller has been putting out a LOT of limited edition stuff, like that metal epi case, or the 1,200$ mini alma. I'm not overly surprised that they have more than 1 cerises speedy, I remember the auction stating that they had sold one before.
  10. seriously who needs all that when you saved so much money! :smile:
  11. I know a lady that is a poupette seller, she has so many things bc she got a small business loan, so she buys limited edition stuff with no prob.